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{November 10, 2009}   Unfortunate attempt

Well, after writing the previous blog I felt compelled to do something… I felt like I had to once again apologize for possibly ruining my ex’s chance of having his daughter in his life…

He actually replied back to me.  Sadly, I have great memory in remember phone numbers when I ought not to. I try to get them out of my head but that makes me remember them more.

He said it was not my fault… that he did not have a chance… I insisted that it had of been my fault.

He asked me not to talk to him again nor his family… odd… I don’t talk to his family…

I said okay but if I could ever fix something to let me know… and goodbye

I guess I shouldn’t put all the blame on me… I did write a retraction letter saying that the myspace email was not valid … He did have a lot of evidence that was not good for him. . . But it is in my nature to blame myself.

I don’t like the idea of families not being able to see each other…

I should have ran away the day he sexually harassed me… I should have gone straight to someone I could talk to and help me through it… instead.. I went beyond to ruin things… I am good at that.

sigh… but now I must move on from him … knowing that he doesn’t get his daughter in his life… I hope someday that changes.


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