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{November 11, 2009}   Day three?

Today seems to be fine. I was able to work thing s out about taking the exams a little early. I’m excited about that! šŸ™‚

It is crazy to think I’ll be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in April… unless, I mess up on a class. My Dad thinks I should give my accounting 301 class another try. I once thought I would go into accounting but I didn’t do so well… It wasn’t a subject that fit me. Yeah, the grade was a fail. It is a shock to actually fail a class… I can’t say I had ever failed a class before it. It was hard! well, to me! Heh, there were others in the course that it came natural to. I was really bummed because I thought I wanted to work with numbers. My Dad is great with numbers… in fact, he is a Math teacher.

I took the business management track instead… I like presentations, and learning about new countries… do I always want to go to class? No… it is a good degree to study but I have no idea what I’ll be or come of it… I do and I don’t like to learn. But nothing has ever come to me passionately. I wish I knew what I loved. I like computers and am thinking about studying that after… while getting my Master’s degree in business… Sometimes I think I want to minor in Psychology… But with doing both a Human resource track and a Marketing track in Business, I do not have time to minor in Psychology. Even though, I would only have three other classes to take. I have plenty of classes I will need to focus on next semester. But yes, at the moment… computers are what seem more interesting than the other stuff.

Today, I feel calm. Right now a bit relaxed because I went jogging. It was a short jog and I haven’t gone in a while. No angry or sad memories are pressing down on me at the moment.

I even talked with my “mom” *gasp* and it was fun. Actually, I did the talking… about my day and what has gone on… and I inquired about my niece there. I actually have two nieces there and I need to spend more time with the younger. It is just the oldest I’ve known longer (no brainer) and was old enough to take with me to various places… Meaning, I didn’t have to worry about diaper changing and she understood what I would say. She is so girly and I love it! I think that is what connected me the most to her… she loves her fingers and toe nails painted… I actually get to play with her hair. Oh, and she would sometimes dress like me… one day she came to me wearing my outfit as a waitress. She is so cute! She has mildly curly hair and she wanted me to make hers more curly like mine… so we’d play with it and scrunch it with various products. The embarrassing thing is when I got a silly lip piercing… the Monroe. She wanted a jewel too… so I would find those jewels that can be stuck on… Some days she and her sister and I would wear the same outfit. I see them in just over a month and I am excited! I am not ready to see them bigger… I know a lot can happen when a year has passed.

This Year’s Christmas break is going to be much better… there is going to be a great difference… and a greater peace. Yes, there are things that make me nervous… but I know I handle my situations better than I had. I am just confident it will be better…. except that it will be extremely cold and occasionally snow. I hate the snow… I hate the cold. Right now it’s in the 80’s and I love it! oooh but I do love my winter coats and my boots!

Until next time,

thank you for reading


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